6 mar. 2013

Property Sold Quickly After "Home Staging"

This is another example of a successful sale after our "Home Staging Services" had been applied. 

Our Ref 1415, a 2 bedroom apartment on Avenida de la Purísima in Torrevieja was for sale several  months without any success. After the owner realized that the present market was working against him, so time ticking away, the property still unsold and prices still going down, he agreed to contract our Home Staging Services and the team moved in straight away. After about a week the property looked completely different and the result was a sale within less than a week and ad the asking price.

Look for yourself on the photos below what a difference our Home Staging Services make to a property - before and after. And if you have a property that needs a "face lift" before putting it up for sale, just contact us.

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